Why go vegan? See 10 benefits for those who want to adopt this lifestyle

Even with the great worldwide growth, the vegan philosophy is still the cause of many doubts and, especially, misgivings. Although people want to start this lifestyle, the impression is that the food restriction required to become vegan is a great challenge, very difficult to be followed. So, to demystify those who live this dilemma, Conquiste Sua Vida presents 10 benefits that veganism can bring to you. Check them out!

With a diet totally focused on vegetables (legumes, vegetables, fruits, vegetable milk, texturized soy protein, whole grains, etc) veganism, when well oriented, has thousands of health advantages. Diet rich in fiber and proteins, the vegan diet is considered one of the healthiest by the Ministry of Health. However, professional monitoring is extremely important for any dietary restriction, as highlighted by nutrologist Laura Ohana:

“When adopting a vegan diet seek to inform yourself and seek the help of a trained professional who will assist in guiding your choices. Information is of great importance for the success of the path you want to follow”, emphasized Laura, presenting us with the 10 greatest benefits of being vegan. Check them out!

10 benefits of going vegan for your life

1) According to Dr. Laura, veganism can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and improve treatment for those who already have the disease.

2) It makes it easier to reach an adequate weight by the greater demand for plant foods and by avoiding most common “junk foods”, which often have animal ingredients. “Studies show that vegans tend to have a lower body mass index than omnivores and a lower rate of obesity and overweight,” says the nutrologist.

3) Improves blood pressure control. “Scientific studies show that vegans tend to have blood pressure within normal limits”, she points out.

4) Better cholesterol control. The strict vegetarian diet completely removes from the diet any and all sources of cholesterol, which in itself already helps reduce the risk of dyslipidemia. “The introduction of more whole foods and more good quality vegetable oils tends to improve this profile even more,” he emphasizes.

5) Better weight and cholesterol control, along with a reduced risk of diabetes, significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes, for example.

6) Reduced risk of some types of cancer. “Scientific studies in large populations have shown a significant reduction in some types of cancer among strict vegetarians,” Laura reiterates.

7) Greater awareness of your own diet. According to the nutrologist, the search for a new lifestyle that messes with eating habits makes most people more informed about what foods are appropriate and what to avoid, secondarily attracting better eating habits.

8) The person who adopts vegan habits seeks information that makes them more aware of the space they occupy within the environment, and the consequences of their actions on it, adopting a diet with much lower environmental impact compared to omnivorous eating.

According to UN data, for every 1 kilogram of beef that is produced, 5 to 10 kilograms of plant foods are required – a very unfavorable food conversion rate, representing a waste of planted area and plant foods that could be better used (FAO/UN, 2012).

9) Peaceful awareness about what you consume. “Taking a step towards no longer consuming products that are a result of this animal exploitation, is something that brings greater peace of mind to the conscience,” says the expert.

10) Whatever the motivation for adopting veganism, changing habits in this direction will always bring benefits in other fields. “Thus, if you seek a healthier diet without animal products, as a result, you will also have a more ethical diet, which results in less environmental degradation,” emphasizes the professional, concluding:

“When we change, the world changes around us. Whether for you, for the animals, or for the planet, change can be worth it”, she concluded.